The Centre for Neural Engineering (CfNE) is an interdisciplinary centre, established to undertake research in neuroscience and neural diseases. The CfNE draws together leading neuroscientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, cell biologists, geneticists, electrophysicists, chemists, physicists and engineers from the University of Melbourne and partner institutions.

Welcome to the Centre for Neural Engineering

Welcome to the Centre for Neural Engineering

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News & Events

Brain in a dish: the therapeutic potential of stem cells and organoids

Listen to a podcast of epilepsy researcher Steve Petrou and developmental neuroscientist Miranda Dottori discussing the potential of organoids, miniature immature organs grown in dishes, particularly for future epilepsy and autism research.

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About CFNE

The CFNE is an interdisciplinary centre, forming part of the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute. Our aim is to tackle some of the great challenges in the neurosciences, and increase understanding of neuronal and brain function.

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Research Laboratories

Divided into six cutting-edge research laboratories, the CFNE will focus its research on: bionics, computational neurobiology, computational biology, integrative biological psychiatry sensors and imaging, and stem cells and disease models.

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Training Opportunities

The CFNE is committed to research higher degree training and will offer cross-disciplinary research opportunities and scholarships to attract the best and brightest students.

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Contact Us

Find out more about our research, training and collaborative opportunities.

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