Steering committee

The Centre for Neural Engineering is guided by a Steering Committee representing engineering and neuroscience leaders from the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering; Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; and Faculty of Science.

Professor Trevor Kilpatrick (Chair)
Director, Centre for Neuroscience, & Melbourne Neuroscience Institute

Professor Sam Berkovic
Director, Epilepsy Research Centre

Professor Anthony Burkitt
Director, Bionic Vision Australia

Professor Alan Connelly
Deputy Director & Head of Advanced MRI Development, Brain Research Institute

Professor Mark Cook
Chair of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital

Professor Geoffrey Donnan
Director, Florey Neurosciences Institute

Professor Robin Evans
Director, NICTA Victoria Research Laboratory

Professor Ian Everall
Cato Professor of Psychiatry and Head, Department of Psychiatry

Professor John Furness
Director, Autonomic Neuroscience Laboratory

Professor Iven Mareels
Dean, Melbourne School of Engineering

Professor Colin Masters
Executive Director, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria

Professor Liam O’Connor
Division Head, Systems Biology and Personalised Medicine, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Professor Martin Pera
Chair, Stem Cells Science

Professor Steven Petrou
Deputy Director, Centre for Neural Engineering

Professor Robert Shepherd
Director, Bionics Institute

Professor Stan Skafidas
Director, Centre for Neural Engineering and Clifford Chair of Neural Engineering

Professor Geoff Stevens
Director, Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (ARC Special Research Centre)

Dr John Wagner
Manager, IBM Research Collaboratory for Life Sciences